Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am Lucy

Would you think I was a lady or a slut? Or would you describe me using some other term?

I’ve always had this internal conflict. While growing up it was encouraged (and sometimes enforced) that I behave the way a lady should. Okay, I can see why. They wanted me to grow up to be a lovely, polite and well-mannered woman. And majority of the time I am (okay, I say fuck more than I probably should, but other than that minor discrepancy I behave as a lady should). :) And then there’s sex. And mutual masturbation. And vibrating phallic-shaped toys. And than there are more than a million other things about sex that I love.

I LOVE SEX and anything that comes with it. I am a self-proclaimed addict. I think about sex too much to be a lady. I don’t know anyone (in real life) that thinks about sex as much as I do (would they even tell me?). I am a nympho. It’s as plain and simple as that.

When it comes to sex, I’m a slut. I’m willing to give most things a go. And generally I have a rule about trying things at least 3 times. I figure the first time you’re trying it out; the second time you’re trying to do it better; and by the end of third time you should know if you’re into it or not. (Note: obviously though if you try something once and it just doesn’t do anything for you, or you have a negative reaction to it, then I don’t recommend going back for a second or third time. That’s just common sense).

I know my sex drive is quite high, and I worry if I’m this ‘bad’ now, how’s it going to be in 10 years time when I’m actually supposed to reach my womanly sexual peak? It really does worry me. I love sex and sex related things so much that I’ve been late to work (on more than one occasion) because I couldn’t help myself and had to masturbate just before leaving. (Should I be that honest? lol).

So how do I balance Lucy the Lady and Slutty Lucy? I’m not sure that I do it effectively. Truth be told, Slutty Lucy is always there lurking if she’s not at the forefront. She’s never far away. Does that mean I’m not a lady? No, I’m still Lucy the Lady; it’s just that my inner slut comes out to play more than most people.

So is this a good or a bad thing? I believe it’s both actually. It’s good in the fact that (generally speaking) I will never turn down an opportunity for some sexual fun and am pretty much always in the mood. But then it’s bad too. Why? Cause I can be all reared up and ready to go, while He’s just not in the mood (frustrating times).

I have grown into that lovely, polite and well-mannered woman they wanted me to become. And for that I’m proud. I’ve also become a slut (or was that part of my destiny already pre-determined?). I’m not ashamed of what I am. I am me.


  1. Lucy, be yourself! If you love sex like I do, than never hold back... do what you LOVE.

  2. i agree with him above... i do what i love to do. :P

  3. You have multiple facets to you and that's part of what makes you so cool! Don't even think of apologizing for any of it.

  4. I love that you titled this post "I am Lucy"!! You are both a slut and a lady. You can be both, and it's great that you embrace both.

  5. Our inner sluts seriously need to get together and chat sometime - I loved this post because it really spoke to me. I've been going through something very similar, especially with the new job, it's been hard to balance Thursday with my everyday persona. I still want to be sexual, but it seems to take more work now...

    I think I think too much, probably. I need to do more and think less, and let slutty Thursday have her wicked way...with me!

  6. Glad I found you. Love finding other women like me =)

  7. I just would like to say that Lucy can make any word sound sensual, including the word 'cock'. mmm cock.

  8. high sex drive... might get "worse"... sorry the idea that a high sex drive in a woman is a bad thing has me perplexed

  9. Hi Lucy

    I thought i was reading about myself when i read this post. I have the very same conflict going on. To the outside world i'm the responsible, "nice" girl next door but underneath the facade i'm a slut to my core. In one way i like having my secret identity that only special people ever get to see. As the saying goes - its always the quet ones you have to look out for!

  10. You are you and apparently many people love you just as is! And you know, I've discovered that you can be both...a lady and a slut. :)

  11. Slutty Lucy will always be your best friend in so many ways. Lady Lucy is who you are. We all have many personalities. That you know yours is a bonus...
    Smiles to you Lucy!!!

  12. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for visiting my site and for your support! It's always refreshing to find another woman who's not afraid to be herself amid wary eyes.;-)

    I love your blog! Sex is FUN and WONDERFUL, esp. if you're with the right partner. :-) I can't imagine how it could get worse as you grow older--it's only gotten better for me! And I'm in my 40s; if you're having the time of your life now, I think you only can imagine what fun you'll have after a half a century!!!;-D That's how I think about sex.

    Be true to yourself always--just be you and don't worry about what others think. ;-)


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