Tuesday, July 01, 2008

When Reality Intrudes....

While back in my home town I bought a new book to read. You know those times where you just want something, but not really wanting to commit to a series or a long (thick) book? Well that's what I was looking for, these are the times that I go to my super cheap section at the book store. And do you know why? I reckon these are where some of the best books are. You all know I'm a student, so my budget is quite low, and although these are mostly what I can afford, there are some really good books to be found.

Anyway, so this book I bought was The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl. Which is about a woman in London and her daily (or close enough) updates she posted to her blog re: her life. So she's a blogger turned author (published in an on-paper official way), and now she's even got a tv show! (Soon to air here in Australia, but not sure about the rest of you.) This book follows her through about a year, I think, don't quote me. And I couldn't put it down. I had to stop myself from reading it too quickly.

So anyway, the fact that I've just read that book (and recommend it), and I've been editing my jerk movie as if it were a professional porno (and someone other than Him and I was going to watch), I've been thinking about the blog world, the (supposed) anonymity of us all. Daddy and I have been talking, and it's something that's on His mind too.

So for you, we have a question:

Fellow bloggers, what happens if a family member, work colleague or friend discovers that you have a blog of a sexually explicit nature? Is this something you've thought about? How do you handle the fact that they know details about you that they would normally never know? Has anyone had this happen to them? The ultimate question is: if this has happened, then how does it affect the relationship between you and them? Do their attitudes/behaviours change? Do your attitudes/behaviours change?


  1. I would delete my blog instantly if I saw signs of anyone finding it. But mine goes further than just about sex, so security is a bit more of a concern.

  2. I would deny everything and tell them that riff dog wrote all of it! Seriously, I am writing about a lot of people in my past. Some would enjoy it-- some would be horrified. The bigger problem would be people close to me now reading it. This actually concerns me.

  3. A friend of mine actually did see my blog, put two and two together, and figure out who I was but never said a word. And when in a passing conversation she told me of a weekend destination (which was the same city as Dark Odyssey), I suddenly knew where she was travelling to. And when I asked her what she was planning to do in that city, she just knowingly smiled, said my blog name, and then told me she would never ever ever day anything to anyone we knew, and we have many many mutual friends---other than the three people who knew, and were sworn to secrecy under pain of death.

  4. However, two other blogger I know of here in NYC have been "discovered". One lost her job, her apartment, most of her friends outside the life, and was miserable for a long time. The other had to shut down her blog, delete ALL the possibly personal stuff, and then reopen the blog. And several others have taken their blogs private, vetting the readers, people like toy, sticksy, others. It's something that scares the shit out of me. And yet I continue, in my own modest way.

  5. i was just thinking about this recently...i have a fairly conservative professional position and Master is a self employed professional..plus we live near his family..i think He would probably make the blog private if He thought W/we had been discovered. He watches the metrics fairly closely and has expressed some concern but i think takes the attitude that anyone who found us would have to be of a like mind to stumble upon the blog and be more than passingly interested to read/look enough to put two & two together.

    For me, i would be most concerned if my daughters came across it...more for them being "mortified" than out of shame for being outed! Mom's are "embarrassing" just by existing...i can only imagine the horror if they saw the blog! The one thing i can be sure of, if they saw it..i would know instantly!

  6. Despite the bits and pieces of info that have been revealed over time (2 years now), I am quite vague about specific names, times and places that can be reassembled into a clue leading back to us or the blog.

    I am fairly confident that no one could discern our true identities and except for certain contract clauses of my employment, I wouldn't take it down. If we would be discovered by our friends and families, they'd survive (and some may be more interested than others).



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