Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Kink

Master and I discuss different things we might want to try. Last night was one of those nights. Master had an idea for how we could spend a day (or two) playing during my next visit. His idea was that we would be in separate rooms, masturbating (as we both so thoroughly enjoyed), allowing us to have our alone time, just with our thoughts or our videos, whatever took our fancy.

One of us would have the video camera and we would film ourselves masturbating for the other. When we were finished we would go and burn our session onto dvd and take this dvd and the camera to the other so that they could watch and then film themselves enjoying the show.

See, as much as I enjoy masturbating while He's watching and jerking, I get too easily distracted. I focus so much on what He's doing, that I don't even realise that I've stopped masturbating myself. Which is why I love watching Him and then masturbating after He's finished, thinking about what I've been so lucky to have just witnessed. Hence, where His latest idea came from. Plus, it also allows me to help when He wants, without interrupting what I'm doing.

The first masturbation would be for His benefit, so that I gave Him something to watch while He's jerking, so that I could entertain Him and make His jerk session better. But the second masturbation would be for my benefit, watching what I know He's just finished doing.

On the phone last night we were discussing this and He asked me if this is how I want it to be. And I said that although it would be nice to have that alone time, I wouldn't want it to be like this all the time, to have the personal touch taken away, by us not playing together. Occasionally perhaps, but not always.

My groans from fucking myself gave away just how enthusiastic I was about this idea. He knew that it was getting me hotter the more He spoke about it. He commanded me to come, thinking about it, and come I did.

He said: "The nastier and more perverted it is, the harder you come." And try as I might, I couldn't deny it. I was already cumming as He said this, but knowing this simple statement was the truth pushed me even further. It turned me on even more and I came again and again and again. It reinforced just how much of a slut I am. And He was right, the nastier and more perverted the subject we discuss or the act we participate in, the more turned on and wet I get. Not to mention that I have more orgasms and that they are more intense then, rather than when the subject or act is just standard or semi-nasty.

Oh, Master knows me so well. And as kinky, nasty, and perverted as I am, I know neither of us would want it any other way. It's the kink and the taboo nature of the topics and acts that turn us on so much, and make our sex life so interesting and appealing. Being where i've been now, I'm looking forward to where we're going, and I certainly never want to backtrack to being a vanilla girl.

Lucy xoxox


  1. My gosh how creative he is your Master. What an exciting idea. And I have to agree with the dirtier the better...lol. It's the slut in us all that needs the nasty!!! I've never masturbated with "R" watching me although I have watched him and could not take my eyes away. Something to think about here, thanks much Lucy!!!

  2. Rose,
    Thanks for the comment. I can't believe you haven't masturbated while He watches, or even that He hasn't requested you to do this for Him!! I VERY much reccommend doing this. Personally, I can't think of anything better than letting Him watch me do something so utterly personal. Master and I feel closer because we are comfortable enough to share this part of us with each other. (But that's a topic for another post).

    It's surprising how intense it gets when you start to watch Master isn't it? I just can't seem to look away, and it's here that I go into my subspace, always. Although I've been brought up that it's very rude to stare, I've managed to let go of this to a certain extent. Sometimes, even now when I'm watching and I start thinking about what I'm doing, I have to look away. The good girl in me comes out every now and again, and I hear my grandmother's voice "Lucy, stop that. It's rude to stare!"

  3. It really is something he has never requested of me. He prefers to keep that area to himself..lol. Although I'm certain it will come up eventually. What I find is that there are so many levels and creative things to do that it sometimes boggles the mind. One day he wants me on the pony, another day the spanking bench, still another stretched across the bed and the list is endless. I've no doubt this to shall surface. It's just a matter of time...


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