Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More than anything

In my last post I wrote about the simple gesture that Master does which centres me. Here I want to write about another.

Now I love a good old fashioned passionate kiss, but sometimes there's a different type of kiss that sometimes I want (and need). The gentle kiss a girl receives on her forehead is a kiss that I will never get sick of receiving.

This is another simple gesture like the last, but it is different. It's a caretaker's kiss. It's the kiss you give to someone to let them know that you will always be there to look after and look out for them.

To me, this type of kiss says:
"I'll look after you and look out for you. I'll keep you safe and always make sure that you are okay."

When I receive this kiss from Master, I know that although different from the passionate kisses, sometimes it means more. It's a loving kiss, a kiss to show me just how much he adores me. I feel safe, knowing He'll be there for me always. Always caring for me and making sure that I obtain what I need. And when I receive these kisses from Him, I feel more like His little girl than at any other time.

I know Master loves me and is in love with me, but this kind of kiss enforces that. And sometimes it's nice to let go of the D/s side of the relationship and get back to it just being us. Get back to just being a couple who love each other more than anything.

Lucy xoxox

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