Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A simple gesture, but more

Master and I are rather new at the whole D/s relationship. It's something we're undertaking together, and so far I think we're doing a pretty good job. He's spoken to me about how difficult it is for Him to inflict pain on me (from a spanking etc) and then comfort me afterwards, knowing that He has caused the pain. To me, this is valid and I can understand where He's coming from, but until He said something, I never really thought about it.

During the last visit, there was something that Master kept doing that reassured my place, and reinforced the fact that He dominates me. Just something simple, but at the same time, it was and is so much more.

Most of the time we played together consisted of Him sitting at His computer, masturbating and watching videos that He's collected over the years. I sat to his right, masturbating, on a chair that was lower than His. Although I could see the computer screen, I wasn't sitting straight, I was angled towards Him.

During these times, we would alternate between watching each other and watching the videos on screen. Although most of the time I was watching Him.

The simple gesture that He continued to do throughout my stay was this: Instead of coming towards me and kissing me, He would move towards me, but grab hold of the back of my head or my hair and pull my face towards His. Or I would be looking at His face and He would grab me head or hair and push my head down so that I was looking between His legs, watching Him jerk.

Now I don't know about any other submissive's out there, but for me, it centred me. He put me back in my place, by this simple yet effective gesture.

I loved that He was being more forceful with me. As I said, we're both new to the D/s scene and to a certain extent still finding our feet. I think Master has done a great job, but this really hit the spot with me.

The emotions I felt when He did this was surprising. I felt compliant and submissive, while also feeling proud that He knew that I would obey Him. I was happy because He was enforcing His dominance over me. I felt anticipation as to what He would do next. I felt safe, being under His control. But more than all of these I felt content, because I knew that where I was at the moment was exactly where I should be, where I wanted to be, and that it was the right place for me.

Master, I ask that you continue putting me in my place by this simple gesture. Please.

Lucy xoxox

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  1. Lucy some of my favorites moments with "R" consist of his hands tangled in my hair, either pulling me up, or forcing me down. I melt right there with the sheer control of it. To me it's a sign of his ownership. I could not agree with you more regarding this. Smiles!!!


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