Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lucy's Twins

Well I finally took the plunge and got both of my nipples pierced (almost a week ago now).

Prior to me visiting Master, I had suggested that (from my internet research) because it takes about 6 weeks for nipple piercings to heal, I should get them done on the next trip and that way they'd be healed (fingers crossed) and ready to play with for the following visit at Christmas. He thought this was a good idea and was pleased that I had thought this through as much as I had.

I knew that I wanted it done closer to the end of the visit, but not just before. This allowed me to still be able to play with my nipples for the main part fo my visit, but also for me to get used to having them pierced before I had to come home. I knew that I would be in a bit of pain and that they would be more sensitive than normal, so I wanted a few days to adjust prior to travelling home.

It was delayed slightly due to tiredness and nervousness. Master was tired after a long day and went to have a snooze and woke up later (after the tattooist had closed) and remembered that we were going to go have them done that afternoon. I hadn't forgotten, but as we'd had a long day, I didn't want to push the issue and I was also quite nervous about having them done.

The previous day, Master had to go out for a little while, so I took this opportunity to ring the tattooist and find out the details (how much it was going to cost, was the jewellery included, how is it done etc). On D-day, we went into town, and as He was driving, I was mentally preparing myself for what was to come. Now, I'm no stranger to pain, I have more than one tattoo and 6 other piercings, but I just knew this was going to hurt.

As we're driving into town He says: "Have you thought about which one you want done more? In case the first one hurts too much and you don't want to go through with the second one?" To which my reply was something along the lines of: "No, not really. Because I know that if I chicken out and don't got through with the second one there and then, I'll probably never go back and have it done. So no, I'm having them both done, so it doesn't matter which one is done first."

So we go into the tattooist and look around the walls at all the tattoo options - we did this partly to look at what was available, but also because the staff were busy at the time. After awhile I spoke to one of the guys, telling him I wanted my nipples pierced and he asked when I wanted them done. Because I was as nervous as I was my immediate response was "Now." Which in hindsight, was extremely rude, and I felt really bad about that. He explained that now wasn't an option because of how busy they were, but if we could come back in an hour or so, He could do it then. At some point here, he asked whether I wanted a male or female to do it, and I said it didn't bother me. I said okay to coming back later and that's when we left and headed to a cafe for Master to have coffee and cheesecake while I calmed myself down and sipped on a bottle of coke.

The cafe was busy and we were late leaving to get back, but we weren't too worried as the tattooist explained earlier that he had two girls coming in to get their navel's pierced at the same time he was going to do my nipples.

We got back and he came over asking us about what jewellery I wanted (straight barbell, ring, part ring etc) and the sizing. We didn't know if the smallest would be too small (depending on how swollen my nipples would be afterwards) so we opted for the larger part rings (they aren't large as such, but bigger than the others). He explained that he would sterlise them and then we'd be ready.

By the time I got into the tattoo studio to have it done, it was 30minutes after we got there. Needless to say, the extra wait made me more nervous and I was quite surprised by how much I was sweating. The adrenalin was well and truly pumping through my veins.

We went into the studio (the only one, where a guy was behind me getting a tattoo at the same time), and I sat down while Master stood to my right and slightly behind me. He (tattooist) said "Okay, I'll mark it out". To which I knew meant I had to take my t-shirt and bra off for him. Surprisingly, it never even entered my mind to give a second thought to the fact that he was a complete stranger and he was about to see me topless.

He marked out where the piercings would go and I think he asked if I was ready. I took Master's hand and looked away - I'm really not a big fan of needles (regardless of my multiple tattooes and other piercings). The first one (left) was painful (as expected), but not so much as the second one (right). After the first one, he asked if I was okay. I said yes, but asked for a little time between having the first and second done. He was okay with this (thank god, as I don't think I could have jumped straight into having the next one done). There wasn't a long pause between the two, maybe 5minutes, if that. I was ready for my right nipple to be pierced.

Again, I grabbed hold of Master's hand and looked away, but also grabbed a table with my other hand. This one hurt more, as I expected it would. Although Master didn't watch my left nipple being pierced He did watch my right (not that I knew at the time - I asked Him later if He watched). I was concerned later that I had squeezed His hand to hard, but He assured me that that was not the case, and that He was proud I was so brave. He later told me that He could tell (by how hard I was squeezing His hand) that what hurt the most was when he threaded the ring through and then removed the plastic tube. (If you don't know what I mean by this it's best to look up the particulars online as to how it's done, as I'm pretty terrible at explaining things).

I was feeling okay, a little shaky, but ok. I sat there for a little while, had a drink from my water bottle I had brought with me, and then decided it was time to leave. I went to put my bra back on, but decided it was best to leave it off for the moment, as my nipples were feeling extremely sensitive. I asked Master to pass me my handbag, so that I could conceal my bra in it (thus not walking out with it in my hand). Thank god women have big handbags - this time it certainly came in handy. Master paid and we left - this was a gift from Him.

We walked outside and although I was feeling alright, I wanted to sit down. This is where I took the chance to relax a little and have a ciggarette. It felt really strange being in public not wearing a bra (I tend not to do this normally as my breasts are on the larger side). We sat there and had a smoke and talked for a little while. Then I informed Master that it was probably best to go to the chemist to get some panadol on the way home, as I figured I would be in a little pain for a little while. He was nice enough to tell me to sit there and relax while He walked up the road to get it for me. By the time He got back, I had crossed the road and was standing next to the car. It felt like an incredibly long time that He was at the chemist. All I remember is thinking that people would surely notice 1) that I wasn't wearing a bra and 2) that my nipples were pierced. The breeze also got to me, not that it had a chill factor or anything, but just because my nipples were so sensitive, I was acutely aware of it (as I am even now).

We returned home and it didn't take me long to have my top off airing out my new additions and just plainly getting used to having metal in my nipples. I spent most of the next few days like this (while at home), going from being topless to having a bikini top on (depending on how sensitive the twins were at the time). Needless to say, Master didn't mind, and I know I saw Him looking at them while we were watching tv, and I could swear that His shorts were tenting as a result of the view he had.

I am more than happy that I got them pierced, and can't wait to play with them when they have healed. I also can't wait to change the jewellery and am really looking forward to trying nipple shields. They are already starting to get itchy which means they are healing, but I have been a good girl and have refrained from scratching.

There's nothing left to say except: I love my two new piercings!!!

Love Lucy xox


  1. Lucy I'm so happy for you. I wish now that I had done both of mine. You were much braver than I. I will be getting the other one done in the near future. I've used just peroxide and it is healing nicely although very very sensitive. Everytime you look at them you will think of your Master, just as I do mine. It's wonderful!!!

  2. Rose,
    Thanks for commenting. I honestly can't imagine getting them done separately. I don't know whether it's a matter of bravery in getting them done at the same time though. And yes, you're right, everytime I look at them I think of Him. And it is wonderful, but so much more at the same time.

    I can't believe how sensitive they are. I know I read online about how it heightens sensation (and that was part of the appeal), but reading about it just doesn't do it justice. I liked being topless around the house, but now it's like I have more to show and have on display, so I like it more. Plus, the air on them as you walk around etc or having the fan on feels so good. I really can't wait for them to heal so we can start playing with them! :-)

    Good luck on you're next one...I don't know whether it's a blessing or a curse that you know what you're in for.


  3. Oh I know what you mean. And of course I have no idea when he will decide to do it..but the connection to him when he slides the needle in is amazing. We are patiently awaiting the healing process as well and thats why I wish I had done both at the same time. You were smart with that decision. Will you consider any other piercings Lucy? We plan to do several more in the coming year. Smiles and Hugs!!!

  4. Rose,
    Thanks again for commenting! Master and I have spoken about other piercings that we would like me to get - vertical bar in the hood of my clit and one ring on each side of my inner labia. Other than that, I really don't think I'll have anything else pierced. Afterall I already have 2 earrings in each of my ears, my nose, navel and now both my nipples. In saying that though, I never wanted my navel done, but then changed my mind, so who knows.



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