Thursday, November 22, 2007


I feel like I simply can't wait any longer. I need Him to touch me, to command me, to dominate me. I need to feel Him grabbing my ponytail and exerting His power, His control over me. I need to be used and abused in the only way that He knows how. What I need is Him, but it's more than that. I need to feel like I'm back in my place..with Him, by His side.

I need to masturbate for Him, I need to watch Him jerk. I need to help Him by licking and sucking His balls while He pleases Himself, and I'm made to watch so very closely (not that I don't enjoy it, because I really do love it).

Maybe I am being needy, but it's torture being separated for this long. I hate not being around Him, and His dominance / my submission just isn't the same when we're apart.

My nipples are still quite sore from being pierced, but my breasts need to be played with and they need His rough touch. I need to be played with period. I need stimulation, and I need to feel like I'm His (more often than I do). There's only so long a slut can go without having her Master use her, and this slut has well and truly reached her limit.

Lucy xoxox


  1. Separation is so tough Lucy. I know how you feel. When we have not "played" in that oh so special way I would feel it if it were not for his understanding that I need the "rough" and will often pull my face down to him with his hand wrapped in my hair. It's the dominance that keeps us balanced Lucy, the control. Being without your Master around has to be just awful. I know how lost I am when mine goes away for even a few days. Keep your chin up!!!
    Smiles to you and a hug as well!!!

  2. Thanks so much Rose. Your kind thoughts are much appreciated. It's very difficult at times to keep strong, but I manage (sometimes I wonder how).
    This will be my first Christmas away from my family, the first Christmas that we'll be spending together, and the first Christmas I'll be spending with my partner's family, so I'm very much looking forward to it.

  3. ugh, distance is hard. everyone agrees on that, and i'm so sorry that you have to deal with it right now. but how beautiful that you get to spend christmas together! i hope that those happy thoughts keep you focused and help you to cope. :)

  4. Enjoy Lucy, it's the only thing you need to do. So nice that you will at least be with him over the holidays. Short comment today, off and running back to work...
    Have a wonderful evening!!!

  5. Persephone,
    thank you for the well wishes regarding me dealing with us (Him and I) being apart at the moment. And you're right, it is those happy thoughts that keep me going. To think it's only less than 4weeks until Christmas...I can't wait!!! :-)


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