Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anniversary Part One

Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary. We were originally planning to have lunch together, but He didn’t think that would be possible with His work load. As it happened, He had a really sore back and ended up taking the day off. Even better than lunch! I got to spend the day with Him :-) We had quiet day most of the day, and it was raining. Our dinner plans went out the window when we realised the rain wasn’t going away and how cold it was outside. It wasn’t exactly lovely weather for a romantic anniversary dinner. But that’s okay, we decided a night in with a movie and other things would suffice. I managed to get Him to watch a chick flick! (Gasp) “Then she found me” with Colin Firth, Helen Hunt, Bette Midler, & Matthew Broderick. It was good. There were funny bits, serious bits, romantic bits, angry bits etc. And even He had to admit that it was better than He expected.

We ate dinner and watched the movie and then Daddy decided it was time for some fun. He set up the lounge room: towels on the recliners, lube handy (excuse the unintentional pun), coffee table cleared (I wasn’t sure why, but I sure found out ;-) ), and x-rated DVD in player. We were all set. As I was finishing my smoke He said “When you’re finished that, you can go and get your toys”. Being the good girl that I am, I did as I was told. I came back, “And you can take your pants off and get that bullet vibe on your clit for me”. I sat on a towel covered pillow in front of the recliner leaning against it as He sat on the other one to my left. He chose the vibe setting….strong enough that I definitely could have cum had I not behaved. He was jerking, but His leg was in the way, I couldn’t see. I wanted to watch Him. My mouth went dry, my cunt ached and my clit throbbed just at the thought of seeing Him jerk again. *sigh*

We alternated between watching the DVD while playing, and speaking to one another. I was informed that yes, I would be lucky enough to get an anniversary fuck later, but for the moment, He wanted to feel His hand jerking His hard cock. We continued watching the DVD while masturbating and I asked Him if I could watch. “No, not for the moment”, I was told. I could have sulked, given that I wanted to watch Him so badly, but I refrained. I knew I would get my chance, just not straight away.

A little later He shifted His position on the chair, and voila, His leg was no longer in the way. When I looked up at Him from where I was sitting, and we started talking, I could see Him jerking. I managed to sneak a few looks, knowing I wasn’t supposed to be watching…He had told me no. I should know by now that He knows when I’m looking. “Would you like a closer look slut?” “Only if you will let me” I replied. “Only if you want it bad enough” He said. “Oh I do. I want to watch”.

I rearranged my pillow and scooted over. It was at this point that I’m a goner. I am no longer the Lucy of a mere few minutes ago. My focus at this point, is on Him. Watching His fist move up and down His shaft. Jerking Off. Fucking Himself. This is my subspace. I zone out to everything else, and as surprising as it may be, I have even stopped fucking myself with a dildo or dropped the vibe that is supposed to be on my clit. I am secondary. It’s no longer about me (if it wasn’t before, it definitely isn’t now). My goal, when I start watching Him masturbate, is doing to best job I can to please Him. To make Daddy cum. His enjoyment is my only priority.

Daddy made a surprising comment last night, when I asked Him if He was enjoying me watch. He said that He looks forward to me watching, more than He does the actual masturbation. Okay…why so shocking? I knew He liked it and really enjoyed having me there to watch Him, but more so than the actual jerk itself? Holy. Fuck. Okay, so I’m extremely pleased about this, but also shocked at the time. We masturbated some more in silence, well almost silence except for our breathing, our wet masturbation sounds and the hairy girl on the TV. Until He asked how my masturbation was feeling. I smiled and said it was feeling great. He asked if He should stop jerking and fuck me. “No, I want to watch you jerk some more”. He obliged, but only briefly. “I know you want to watch me jerk, but I want to use you. “Stop masturbating, get over the coffee table and get ready”.


  1. Lucky, lucky Lucy Girl! Happy anniversary to you and your man. Sounds like a fine evening was had. I can't wait to read the second part with the coffee table details! Hopefully you'll reward your faithful readers with that tale. ;-)

  2. Happy anniversary - sounds as if it was

  3. Watching is great fun... sounds like the rest of the story might be even better...

  4. Happy Anniversary. I await part 2!

  5. Coy,
    Yes, I am very lucky. Hope you enjoyed Part two.

    An artist exposed,
    Thanks, and it definitely was a happy anniversary.

    Watching is great fun and so much more!

    Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed part two.

    Naughty Girl,


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