Monday, October 13, 2008

Anniversary Part Two

Part One can be found here if you haven't already read it.

I placed a soft blanket over the table so it was a bit more comfortable to lean on. I faced away from Him and bent at the waist, my body resting on the coffee table, my derrière pushed back, awaiting Daddy to take me.

He slid His hard cock up and down my slit for the briefest of moments before entering me. He pushed in hard, grabbed my hips and started using me. I moaned deeply as I felt His cock in me. He didn’t talk to me, and I didn’t say a word. He used my cunt for His pleasure, I was His masturbation toy. He continued to use me, masturbating Himself in me, while watching the woman on the TV. I could hear His breathing, His moaning, I could feel how hard He was. As He started to pound into me harder, He leaned over and whispered in my ear “Poor little girl doesn’t even get an anniversary fuck tonight, does she?” My cunt tightened, I inhaled sharply and barely managed to say “No Daddy”. “No, instead you’re my masturbation toy and tonight I’m going to use your cunt to get me off”.

I cannot begin to explain what this does to me. Knowing I’m only an aid to His pleasure and that His entire focus is on Himself and His own pleasure. I wanted it to feel the best it could for Him and that is my job. I started moving my hips back and forth, clenching my cunt muscles, providing Him with a reason to stop and just enjoy the sensations. I was not fucking Him; I was simply making His masturbation better. I moved my hips back and forth, forcing His cock into me deeper and deeper. I was groaning, loving that He wasn’t even thinking about me. There were no romantic thoughts running through His head, He was completely focussed on His masturbation. He had a living, breathing, working toy that was doing her best to make this feel the best for Him.

He started using me again, thrusting His hard cock into my sloppy cunt. Using my hole to get Himself off. I pushed back hard and clenched my muscles as He used my cunt. I lifted up off the table a bit and reached around with my left arm to touch Him, “Please lean over me” I asked in my timid little girl voice. Daddy was nice. He leant over me, His weight on me as He continued to thrust in and out of my cunt. Watching the woman on TV masturbate, using my hole for His pleasure, He stayed leaning on me for a little while. It was all too much for Him; He lifted His weight off me, grabbed my hips and pumped His cock in me. In and out, He went harder and faster with each thrust. I sensed He was getting close; I pushed back against His pounding cock. I squeezed my cunt muscles for all I worth. His good little girl was rewarded with the sound of moans and groans as He pumped His hard cock. He leant over me, His weight pressing down on my body as one last, hard thrust pushed Him over the edge and I was full of Daddy’s cum. We stayed like that for a little while, resting on the coffee table, trying to catch his breath while His cock throbbed inside me. Daddy got up to clean up, and I stood up I was rewarded with cum soaked thighs. I was contented, but not satisfied. For now it was my turn.

I moved to the bedroom, placed a towel on the bed and lay down with my bullet vibe. I jumped straight into it. After playing earlier, watching Him jerk and then having Him use me, I wanted to cum; I had to cum. I wasted no time on warming up; I turned the bullet vibe on to almost high speed and placed it on my clit. It was electric. Daddy helped by squeezing my thighs and playing with my nipples. He could tell I was getting closer so He moved His attention to my neck and ears. His hands stroked and played with my ears, as He licked, sucked and bit my neck.

I lapped up the attention; the painful but pleasurable attention. It wasn’t long before He was biting and sucking on my neck with so much force that I couldn’t hold back any more. Biting my neck really does push me over the edge. With the vibe on my clit on high and Him biting and sucking my neck, I couldn’t resist. “Cum for me” he demanded and my body responded. I moaned and groaned as orgasm after orgasm came; with more coming the harder He bit me.

I awoke the next morning with at least one painful love bite and a multitude of sore spots. Sore spots that still hurt as I write this.


  1. great finish to a great begining...

    Happy Anniversary


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