Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lasting moments

The cuddling at night.
The quiet.
Where all of the day's worries are (or should be) forgotten, stored away, put to the side.

It's one of those time that I know and feel that I am truly loved.
Yes, I know I'm loved, but these moments, I treasure.

The quiet, hearing his breathing.
I feel safe in his arms.

I've never liked going to bed, but I always love going to bed with him.
It's calming, it centres me, it relaxes me.

Those last few moments of peace before drifting off.
Knowing he'll be there when I wake in the morning, or even through the night.

The closeness shared of our skin touching.
Our breathing synchronised.
Hearing his heart beat.
Holding his hand as we drift away.

I am a simple woman of simple pleasures.
And this is one of them.

I truly love him in these moments.
These snippets of time, in which I wish they would last forever.

And every night they do.
Every night I fall asleep, next to him, in his arms, our bodies touching, but also our hearts, I am a happy woman; a woman in love.


  1. That was so sweet. I understand those feelings exactly as I, too, adore falling asleep next to my love. When I'm laying in bed, falling asleep with my husband and my girls, I am filled with peace and thankfulness.

    We're pretty lucky girls, aren't we?

  2. Sweet Sweet dreams...


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