Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let me introduce you to my special talent....

Daddy has indulged me and spoiled me over the past few days. I’ve found something that I’m very fond of, and Daddy has allowed me to do it. In fact, He’s been making me do it. It’s no secret that I love to watch Him masturbate and help Him when He wants it. But all this has been taken to a new level.

Every one has their (sexual) ‘thing’. That one talent that you know no matter what else happens, that’s going to be your ‘thing’. You’re great at it, and you love it. I’ve never had a thing, until now. Sure, I liked doing stuff, but there was never one specific sexual act that I loved and knew I was great at. Now, however, this has changed.

With Daddy’s help, I have to come to realise that my ‘thing’ is sucking balls. I really enjoy sucking cock, but present me with a pair of balls that need some attention and I’m all yours. I’ll gladly spend hours down there and you’ll know when I’m really getting into it.

In the past three days, I’ve spent god-only-knows how long between His legs, teasing Him, tasting Him and making Him cum. Yesterday, I did all that I could to try and distract myself from thinking about sucking and licking His balls as He jerked. I was obsessed. I still am. As I sit here and write this, I’m wet just thinking about it. I want Him to come home and tell me that we’re not having sex tonight; that He’s not even going to use me; instead He wants me to get between His legs and give all my attention to His balls.

I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about it yesterday, and I wanted Him to know how much I wanted it again. He received this text message from me yesterday afternoon while in a work meeting:

“I need a repeat performance tonight handsome. I want to watch you jerk and then get you off with my tongue. Sound good? ;-)”

Daddy indulged me after dinner. He was at His computer, and I was sitting on the floor as I usually do, watching Him jerk. I’ve always waited until He’s told me He wants me to help, but the more I’ve been doing it, the more difficult it has become to just watch. Especially when He makes me get so close I can smell His arousal. It’s just way too tempting. But I’m a good girl, and I wait (as hard as it might be).

A little while after I’d finished helping Daddy, I moved into the bedroom. I needed to masturbate. I needed to use my dildo and I needed to cum. He followed and surprisingly, not long after I started, He joined in. I was naked, lying on my back, legs spread diddling my clit. He was to the right of me sitting up with His legs spread so I could get a good view of Him jerking. I had my hand resting on His thigh, but not for long when He moved it. My hand was now sandwiched between the bed and His balls. I’m a smart girl; I took the hint and started playing with Daddy’s balls. We stayed like that for awhile; although I did get distracted enough to stop masturbating, I did start again though, this time with my dildo. Watching Him is truly mesmerising. I think at one point I even asked if I could climb between His legs; I at least told Him how much I wanted to.

He didn’t indulge my urges then, however it wasn’t long before He was moving and straddling my upper body, His balls hanging above me. What a beautiful sight that is. But as lovely as it was watching Him from this angle, I knew what He wanted me to do, and I couldn’t resist. I lifted my head up and started licking His balls, tasting Him, and teasing Him. I was fucking myself harder as I continued to slurp and lick. The temptation was too much; I just had to suck on His balls.

And suck I did. I used my tongue, suction and moved my head, just as if I were sucking on His cock. And as I continued, I fucked myself harder. He pushed His weight down onto me more, allowing me less room to move, forcing me to suck Him. My nose was against His flesh and His ball in my mouth. One hand was on my clit and the other was controlling my dildo.

He moved slightly so He could see me fucking myself better. I know He said something to me about how good it felt or how hard my lover (that’s what He calls my dildo) was fucking me, but I can’t remember now. As I think back, all I can remember is how wonderful it all felt. How I never wanted it to end and how much I wanted needed to do this every time.

He was jerking, looking down at me as I sucked on His balls. I tried to keep eye contact as much as possible; Daddy says I look like the true slut I am when I’m looking up at Him with His balls in my mouth. He also says that this is what I was born to do. It didn’t take long before it all got too much for me. My lover was fucking me hard and deep, and with my mouth on Daddy’s balls, I was being pushed over the edge.

I fucked myself harder, pounded my lover into me and in a matter of seconds I was cumming. I was cumming from sucking on Daddy’s balls and fucking myself at the same time. I was a good girl, I didn’t let go of His balls. Although for a few seconds I may have been temporarily distracted, I kept up the pace and rhythm. He let me continue for a little bit while I kept having orgasms, and then He pulled away. Kneeling above He jerked His hard cock, as I fumbled to get my bullet vibe on my clit.

Before long Daddy was jerking His cock faster; He was a man on a mission. For all my enthusiasm and effort, I was rewarded with Daddy’s cum on my stomach and as I came again.

But what made me feel the best last night? Sucking His balls? Watching Him jerk? My orgasms? No, none of these. I felt the best when He told me that I am the best He’s ever had.

I am one lucky girl who is very much in love.

And now I’ve found my ‘thing’. What’s yours?


  1. Yes, I can understand how hearing that you're the best he's ever had would be so cool! And I don't doubt that you are!

  2. being the best is great... still looking for my thing I guess...


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